Golden Leaves is proud to be a founder member of The Funeral Planning Authority

What is the FPA?

The FPA (Funeral Planning Authority) was set up in 2002 to monitor the plan providers of the pre-paid funeral plan industry, in order to protect customer interests. Their principal aim is to certify that FPA-registered providers are operating in way that ensures each and every customer will receive the funeral services they have paid for at the time they are required.

It is important that the marketing, financial and service provisions of all the funeral plan providers are independently monitored, so that all customers are guaranteed the highest and most professional level of service. For this reason, we are proud to be FPA registered providers.

How is the FPA run?

The FPA is administrated by a board, consisting of an independent Chair and Chief Executive, and also a Chair of Compliance Committee, and two Non-Executive Directors. The board takes responsibility creating and amending the Rules and Code of Practice, in accordance with the needs of the industry.

The FPA Compliance Committee is comprised of members from regulatory, legal, risk and compliance backgrounds- these members focus entirely on regulating providers to confirm they are abiding to the Rules and Code of Practice.

The FPA is financed by fees from all of their registered providers but is not directly affiliated with any of their individual providers.

How does the FPA regulate the pre-paid funeral plan industry?

The FPA regulates their registered providers through an objective scrutiny which is carried out by the Compliance Committee. This scrutiny includes frequent visits to their providers and collecting relevant information via interviews with business employees and plan provider representatives. Following the initial application process that all funeral plan providers must undergo when registering with the FPA, there is also a yearly re-registering procedure to determine that all providers continue to comply with the requisite high standards set out by the Rules and Code of Practice.

Why is it better to choose a registered provider?

The FPA strongly recommends that customers choose providers who are registered with the FPA. Through registering, providers essentially establish their commitment in offering a top-tier, professional service in adherence to the FPA’s Rules and Code of Practice. The Code of Practice also offers advice on conduct, contracts and documents, and complaints and disputes, as well as a requirement for all providers to co-operate with the FPA’s ‘Pledge to Customers’.

By selecting a registered provider, customers can be sure that their money will be safeguarded and that their chosen funeral plan will be carried out exactly as expected. Choosing a registered provider also assures customers of confidentiality between themselves and the provider.

The FPA and Golden Leaves

Golden Leaves has always been at the forefront of providing funeral plans, and were among the founding members for both the National Association for Pre-Paid Funeral Plans (NAPFP) and the FPA. Golden Leaves has continued to be involved in the development of the FPA since its founding in 2002, and we take pride in being one of their registered funeral plan providers. By being a registered provider, we are able to ensure customers of our Golden Leaves Guarantee that the Funeral Directors fees will be met in full, when the time comes.