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I want a coffin made of sustainable materials and a memorial in a natural environment

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The Meadow Funeral Plan

Our Meadow plan offers an upgrade to a coffin made of Bamboo, one of the fastest growing and most sustainable crops in the world. The plan also includes the provision of a chapel of rest for family and friends to visit and a limousine for transport to and from the service. All of our green plans include the cost of completely offsetting the carbon footprint of your funeral service by tree planting in conservation areas or by donating funds to preserve endangered rain forests around the world. In addition Golden Leaves contributes on your behalf to an environmental fund that combats climate change for the benefit of future generations. You also have the choice of 3 Natural Memorials.

What’s included in the Meadow Funeral Plan?

  • Funeral Director’s professional services
  • Advice on funeral registration, documentation and certification
  • Local removal from place of death to funeral director’s premises within 24 hours (up to 25 miles)
  • Care of deceased prior to funeral / Hygienic treatments (excludes Embalming)
  • Chapel of Rest available for family and friends to visit
  • Bamboo coffin
  • Carbon replacement
  • Community Legacy (donation to Groundwork)
  • Natural Memorial (choice of Option A, B or C)
  • Attendance of conductor and four pallbearers on day of funeral
  • Provision of hearse for service at Crematorium/Cemetery
  • Provision of one limousine
  • Full listing of floral tributes
  • Bereavement counselling (where available)


These plans do NOT include any funds to cover third party costs* such as Crematorium or Cemetery fees, Clergy or Church fees. Should you wish to contribute towards these costs, please call us free on 0800 85 44 48 and we will recommend suitable level of cover. Any sum paid towards these costs are guaranteed to be met in line with any increase in the Retail Price Index (RPI), but may require an additional top-up payment from your estate if this has been exceeded at the time of the funeral.

Any more Questions?

If you require any further information and wish to speak with one of our advisors, please select the Request a callback button, submit your details and a member of staff will contact you shortly. Alternatively you may find the info you require in our FAQs section.

You can also call us on 0800 85 44 48

Meadow Funeral Plan Costs

Single payment:
For all payment plans an initial deposit is followed by:
12 Monthly Payments:
£239.17 p/m
Total Payable:
24 Monthly Payments:
£126.76 p/m
Total Payable:
36 Monthly Payments:
£89.58 p/m
Total Payable:
60 Monthly Payments:
£60.39 p/m
Total Payable:

The deposit amount assumed in the above calculations has been set at £250. Although a higher deposit will be accepted. Please be aware that a higher deposit will lower your monthly premium payment.

Payment by instalments are subject to a cumulative management fee of 6% per year after the first 12 months – The first 12 months has no management charges.

Regional variations in pricing
Our plan prices are based on a national average – in some areas of the country the prices of services may be considerably higher – should your chosen funeral director not accept the plan at our national average price we will advise you of the regional variation in pricing.