Arranging an eco-friendly funeral for myself is a positive message for future generations of my family.

FAQs for Green Funerals in the UK

Why is a Green burial less harmful to the environment than a traditional burial?

The damage to the environment from a traditional non green burial begins with the embalming of  the body. Embalming is a process of injecting the body with various chemicals combined to make embalming fluid, including formaldehyde (a Class 1 Carcinogen), Glutaraldehyde, phenol, methanol, antibiotics, dyes, preservatives, additives, disinfectants and sanitizing agents. When the embalming chemicals leak into the soil as the body decays, they may have negative effects on the surrounding environment. This is not allowed in most green funeral grounds and can be replaced with additional refrigeration.

Is it possible to pay in instalments?

Yes. You may pay for your plan in one lump sum within 30 days of your application or by instalments spread over any period between one and five years (or longer by special arrangement). If you pass away before you’ve finished paying, your estate will simply be asked to make up the shortfall.

Why plant trees as part of the plan?

A single tree over a hundred year period absorbs over a metric ton of carbon dioxide (CO2), so imagine the difference it could make if everyone was buried and had a tree planted in their memory. Photosynthesis in trees is the single most efficient way of sequestering CO2. Additionally, they do what no other method of carbon minimisation can do – they produce oxygen benefiting the environment and future generations

Can I arrange a non Christian Green funeral plan?

Absolutely. We are proud to have conducted many religious and civil funerals for clients from a wide variety of religious denominations and ethnic groups.

Is a burial necessary?

No, you may choose a cremation service. Most green funerals are burials, since this process is widely perceived as a more natural way of returning the body to nature. The energy used and the carbon released through the cremation process is generally regarded as a negative factor. However, these elements are offset and replaced when you purchase a green funeral plan, so this is now less of an issue. You may choose to be cremated in an environmentally produced eco coffin and have the ashes interred in a cemetery or woodland burial ground in a biodegradable urn, if you wish.

Do I need to have a medical?

No. With a Golden Leaves funeral plan there are no medicals or personal questions to answer. Anyone may apply for a funeral plan at any age and acceptance is guaranteed. You can even arrange a plan for another member of your family – your partner, for example.

Will there be any additional costs at the time of the funeral?

Your Golden Leaves funeral plan covers 100% of the costs of the funeral director’s services as outlined in your chosen arrangements.  If you have made a contribution to disbursements, your estate may be asked for an additional contribution towards payments to third parties (such as cemetery or crematorium fees, medical expenses or musicians) where the increase in their cost has exceeded the increase in the Retail Price Index.

Why not just take out an insurance policy?

The price of funerals has risen alarmingly in recent years. With an insurance policy, as with a building society or savings account, there is no guarantee that the funds available at your time of death will be enough to cover the cost of the funeral you may have wanted. Furthermore, your personal wishes with regards to the funeral would not have been documented or pre-arranged. With a Golden Leaves funeral plan, you are assured of the funeral of your choice.

Why should I opt for a Green funeral?

Apart from the fact that the environment will benefit positively, you will be leaving a legacy for the benefit of future generations to come.