Our Green Funeral Plans are kind to your family, kind to the environment.

The Glade Funeral Plan

Price per month from £50.46*

A simple funeral service where all mourners meet at the crematorium or cemetery and a Veneer coffin is provided. Restrictions apply to working hours.

The Meadow Funeral Plan

Price per month from £60.39*

A standard funeral service including visitation in a Chapel of Rest; cortege travel via a residence, with mourners transported in one limousine and a standard coffin.

The Woodland Funeral Plan

Price per month from £68.36*

A comprehensive funeral service including visitation in a Chapel of Rest; cortege travel via a residence, mourners transported in two limousines; high quality coffin and thank you cards.

Our Green Funeral Plans can be paid for with a one-off sum or in monthly instalments for a fixed term period of up to five years.

* Amount varies depending on age, payment type and plan content.

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The Natural Choice

It is now possible to arrange a green funeral in the UK and take comfort in the knowledge that every aspect has been carefully considered to minimise a funeral’s impact on the environment. Choosing The Ultimate Green Funeral Plan not only assists your loved ones, but also makes a positive statement of intent to help preserve the world in which we live.

Our green funeral plan can include options for natural and biodegradable coffins made of sustainable materials including wood, willow and wool. There is also an option for a Reflections coffin, which may be personalised with a design or image of your choosing.

The entire carbon footprint of a funeral service may be offset by tree planting in conservation areas or by donating funds to preserve endangered rainforests around the world. Additionally, on your behalf, Golden Leaves funeral plans will even contribute to an environmental fund that combats climate change for the benefit of future generations.

You may take out The Ultimate Green Funeral Plan at any age without a medical or health-check. It is a simple process to plan a green funeral service today, and then get on with living! And we’re here to help you every step of the way.

There are three categories from which to choose: the Glade, Meadow or Woodland. Each of these green funeral plans differs in the level of services provided by the funeral director, the number of vehicles required and the type/ style of coffin selected.

Your Golden Leaves green funeral plan covers 100% of the costs listed in your chosen arrangement. There will be no additional costs at the time of the funeral unless you opt for third party services such as musicians or medical expenses.

Our green funeral plans can be paid in instalments, spread between one and five years or longer.

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Go one step further with our Community Legacy

Golden Leaves will convert the financial equivalent of a typical funeral’s carbon emissions into a community legacy on your behalf, which helps fund the installation of energy efficient measures in the homes of the elderly and those most in need.

Our Community Legacy fund is managed by Groundwork, the environmental regeneration charity who work locally, regionally and nationally to tackle climate change.

Find out more about their activities here