We guarantee that Golden Leaves will cover the full cost of your cremation funeral, whenever the time comes.
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Quality, affordable funeral plans from a name you can trust

Protect those close to you from the stress and expense of arranging your funeral with a guaranteed Golden Leaves pre-paid plan.

Today, planning your funeral service and pre-paying its costs in advance is clearly making more sense than ever before and is one of the most thoughtful things you can do, taking away the financial worry from your loved ones at an upsetting and difficult time.

Our range of Funeral Plans offer a straightforward, affordable way to plan and pay for the funeral you want, with our Golden Leaves prices guaranteed. Our plans will guarantee to cover the complete cost of your Golden Leaves cremation funeral when the time comes, regardless of the impact of funeral inflation. If a burial is your desired funeral choice, your plan will pay a contribution towards the costs of cemetery and burial fees.

We offer a comprehensive range of options and payment plans so you’re sure to find one that suits your budget and requirements. However, should you wish to add any particular services not covered in our standard plans, our helpful team can produce a bespoke plan just for you.

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Why Choose A Golden Leaves Funeral Plan?

  • Protection against rising funeral costs
  • The full cost of a cremation funeral set at today’s prices – no more to pay
  • Funeral directors fees fixed at todays prices for a burial funeral – no more to pay for these services
  • No intrusive medical health checks – acceptance guaranteed
  • Flexibility on both funeral choices and payment options
  • Help remove some of the financial burden and emotional stress from your loved ones
  • Recognised for innovation, Golden Leaves was one of the first funeral planning companies to launch the product in the UK in 1984.
  • Golden Leaves is a founder member of the National Association for Pre-paid Funeral Plans (NAPFP) and helped establish the FPA which regulates funeral plans within the UK.

Three Simple Payment Options

Single payments

  • Single payment by debit/ credit card or cheque.
  • No health checks.
  • Security of the Golden Leaves Trust Fund.
  • No age restrictions.

Monthly Instalments over 1-5 years:

  • Spread the cost over 12-60 months, your choice (min £250 deposit).
  • Payment by direct debit
  • No health checks.
  • Security of the Golden Leaves Trust Fund.
  • No age restrictions.

Fixed monthly payments*

  • Fixed low monthly payments until 90.
  • £25 deposit.
  • Fully covered after just 12 months
  • Immediate cover for accidental death
  • No health checks.
  • Unique overpayment benefit.
  • Available to people aged 50 to 75.

* Not applicable for Copper Plan.

Our unique Overpayment Rebate Benefit feature

With all funeral plans that are paid by way of Fixed Monthly Payments, it is possible (depending on how long you live) to pay more into the plan than it pays out to provide your stipulated funeral services on death. However with our new Funeral Plans we have sought to alleviate this problem. Due to our plans unique Overpayment Rebate Benefit feature, if the sum of the Fixed Monthly Payments you have paid in total more than the sum paid out to Golden Leaves Limited to fund the funeral service on death; your estate will be eligible for a rebate of a percentage of this amount.

The rebate of up to 100%* of the overpaid premiums depends on the type of plan and age of the plan holder at time the policy is taken out and the date of death.

* Please refer to Terms & Conditions for full details

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